Modular Program

An innovative and modular intercultural competence program for VET Providers

The program consists of 3 Modules

Cultural Competence Framework:
The framework refers to:

  • The strategy to develop an effective cultural assumption
  • Models for culturally competent behaviors
  • Applying cultural competence in different sector: The workplace; Civil Society; Our Social Interactions; European Mobility

Download the Cultural Competence Framework here

Training Modules:
The training modules consist of the Trainer’s Manual and the contents (PowerPoint slides and supporting documents). The training  materials are available below.

Pilot-testing training and assessment activities:
The pilot testing activities have been completed successfully in all partner countries. The partnership received positive feedback from both the participants and the trainers.

The materials are also available in German under the menu Interculturality-Tools in the English version of this web site

Trainer’s Manual (pdf)

Trainer’s Manual (ebook)

Module 1:  Developing intercultural competence through cultural awareness and effective intercultural communication
Module 1: Unit 1  Understanding interculturality in the context of VET
Presentation Module 1 Unit 1
Supporting Documents 1_1_2_Talk stations
1_1_3_ key terms
1_1_4_CFA skills activity
1_1_4_CFA skills_table
1_1_4_Skills CFA
Extract from Cultural Competence Framework
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Module 1: Unit 2  Developing Cultural Awareness
Presentation Module 1 Unit 2

Module 1 Unit 2 UK

Supporting Documents 1_2_2_Identity Cards
1_2_2_Sorting Matrix
1_2_3_Culture Iceberg Flyer
1-2_3_Magazine Article
1_2_4_Celebrity Bios
1_2_4_Identities and Behaviours
1_2_4_Name the Culture
1_2_6_ Case Study 1
1_2_6_ Case Study 2
1_2_6_ Case Study 3
1_2_6_ Case Study 4
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Module 1: Unit 3  Developing intercultural communication skills
Presentation Module 1 Unit 3
Supporting Documents 1_3_1 Always sometimes never cards
1_3_1_Intercultural continuum
1_3_3_agency identity
1_3_3_relevance of social identity
1_3_4_Blooms_affective domain1
1_3_4_Blooms_affective domain2
1_3_5_Mr Bean at the cinema
1_3_5_Video viewing sheet
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Module 2: Develop and manage VET intercultural mobility programmes
Module 2: Unit 1  Developing and planning effective intercultural VET programmes
Presentation Module 2 Unit 1
Supporting Documents 2_1_1 Module 1 recap
2_1_2_Types of intercultural programme
2_1_3_Using the logic model framework
2_1_6 Skills CFA blank grid
2_1_7_Self assessment and reflection form
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Module 2: Unit 2  Developing effective intercultural VET partnerships
Presentation Module 2 Unit 2
Supporting Documents 2_2_1_Key elements for a successful mobility
2_2_1_The model of Word web
2_2_1_Word web template
2_2_1_Word Web Trainers_Answer sheet
2_2_2_cards for sorting
2_2_2_cards for sorting ANSWER
2_2_3_Learning Model for Intercultural Partnerships
2_2_3_Learning Model-trainers-version
2_2_3_Short passages for rewriting
2_2_4_Case Study_1
2_2_4_Case Study_2
2_2_4_Case Study_3
2_2_4_Case Study_4
2_2_5_Self assessment and reflection form
warwick uni learning_process_model
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Module 2: Unit 3  Understanding and supporting intercultural VET programme participants
Presentation  Module 2 Unit 3
Supporting Documents 2_3_1_21 century skills card sort
2_3_1_Case Study Bolton
2_3_1_Case Study -Ev is possible
2_3_1_Case Study Fred Brant
2_3_1_Case Study Ollie Clarke
2_3_1_Evaluating Case Studies
2_3_2_Additional criteria grid
2_3_2_Additional planning criteria
2_3_3 3R warwick uni
2_3_3_warwick competency_frmwk
2_3_4_Casino game rules
2_3_5_Self assessment and reflection form
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Module 3: Utilise appropriate strategies and tools to recognise and validate participants’ learning through intercultural VET mobility experience
Module 3: Unit 1  Key competences and outcomes for young people taking part in intercultural VET experiences
Presentation  Module 3 Unit 1
Supporting Documents 3_1_3_Attitude Tool
3_1_3_Motivation Tool
3_1_4_Informal Assessment
3_1_7_Self assessment and reflection form
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Module 3: Unit 2  Review, self-evaluation and assessment of the experiences, of young people participating in intercultural VET mobilities, including their learning and wider outcomes
Presentation Module 3 Unit 2
Supporting Documents 3_2_2_DISCO
3_2_3_Barrier CriterionAssmt A_B
3_2_4_21 century skills
3_2_5_ASDANdiscussion grid
3_2_6_Self assessment and reflection form
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Module 3: Unit 3  Using accreditation frameworks and methodologies to recognise and validate learning
Presentation Module 3 Unit 3
Supporting Documents 3_3_3_extract1
3_3_3_Learning Outcomes or tasks
3_3_4_Cardsort ECVET
3_3_5_Self assessment and reflection form
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